Good senses.

What is ISLAM?
If someone asking us this question...what is our answer as a muslim to them (non-muslim or maybe someone who just embrace in Islam,muallaf)?

Don't just answer,Oh!you have to pray 5 times per day!,fasting during ramadhan for 1 months! No alcohol allowed-if you drink it- and erm....have you cut your....erm,you know,your tuuuuttt.!That is not the right way....

Believe me,if someone who is just taking one step to know Islam will prefer to hold back ,taking a 'reverse gear' to their old life if we told them with that method of answer.

Just think that we are teaching a child,not really know what are happening around him....we can't just telling him...oh!you have to do this,you cannot do one time!We have to teach and guide him step by step until he knows what is right or wrong by himself later in his life with the guidance of Al-Quran(The Holy Book for Islam) and As-Sunnah (anything done from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH).

Because the spread of Islam is by the way of AL-HIKMAH i.e showing good sense.With that i mean,unfortunately....what we speak,or whatever we do,are the 'picture' of Islam!(in front of others)....

But right now,we,as muslims are lacking of this good senses.
See yourself,what happened around you?
How many crimes were done by our own brothers in Islam?!
Who's the one practicing rashuah/bribery intentionally?!
Who's the one always kazzib/lying?!
who's the one attending social party between men and women without any limits?!
Who's the one drinking the evil water,alcohol proudly?!
and so many other things that would be a shame for us muslims by doing that kind of things.
Doing something that Islam prohibited clearly and throw away what Islam demand us to do.

Just go and ask any non-muslims,ask them what are their opinion about Islam? They do not know there are differences between Islam (the religion itself) and Muslim (the person practicing Islam)....what they know and what they think is....Islam is what Muslims do.

So,believe me,non-muslims are scanning Islam from us,Muslims.Everything we do,from the day we wake up from sleep,what and how we eat,speak,walk,dress and until we sleep at night again....that is the way they 'think' about Islam.

Please my brothers and sisters,please revise the history of Islam,the way Islam spreaded to the 2/3 of the world before....with what? with Akhlak islamiyyah/good senses.not by sword or any war!

So,don't make others making bad speculations about Islam because of us not doing what Islam taught us.


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